Resolution WHA67.19. Strengthening of Palliative Care as a Component of Comprehensive Care Throughout the Life Course

REQUESTS the Director-General:

1. to ensure that palliative care is an integral component of all relevant global disease control and health system plans, including those relating to noncommunicable diseases and universal health coverage, as well as being included in country and regional cooperation plans;

4. to continue, through WHO’s Access to Controlled Medicines Programme, to support Member States in reviewing and improving national legislation and policies with the objective of ensuring balance between the prevention of misuse, diversion and trafficking of controlled substances and appropriate access to controlled medicines, in line with the United Nations international drug control conventions;

5. to explore ways to increase the availability and accessibility of medicines used in palliative care through consultation with Member States and relevant networks and civil society, as well as other international stakeholders, as appropriate;

6. to work with the International Narcotics Control Board, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, health ministries and other relevant authorities in order to promote the availability and balanced control of controlled medicines for pain and symptom management;

  • Access to controlled medicines

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The World Health Assembly has adopted a series of conventions, declarations and resolutions on the issue of ensuring access to essential medicines, including WHA58.22, WHA67.22 and WHA67.19.