World AIDS day – The right to health and adequate access to controlled substances

Preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS among people who inject drugs is an essential component to reducing HIV/AIDS infections and related deaths. Globally, one of the main drivers of the AIDS epidemic is the transmission through the sharing of injecting equipment. The right to health of individuals dependant on opioids directly relates to the availability and non-discriminatory access to treatments, including opiate substitution therapy with internationally controlled substances, such as methadone and buprenorphine.

INCB calls on Governments to devote efforts to end AIDS through prevention, adequate treatment and overall respect the right to health of people living with AIDS.

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This is a statement delivered by the INCB at the occasion of World AIDS Day on 1st December 2017 - in which the INCB explicitly highlights the need to ensure access to HIV prevention, treatment and care for people who use drugs, as well as respect for their human rights.