UNGASS summary roundtable 2 on supply reduction

The importance of proportionate sentencing as well as of alternatives to imprisonment including treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare to those who suffer drug disorders was also noted by a number of speakers. In this regard, collaboration and coordination among criminal justice institutions as well as with other relevant institutions, such as the health care providers and community-based prevention and treatment actors was considered an essential element of effective criminal justice responses.
  • Proportionality of sentencing
Several speakers noted that alternative development efforts had yielded good results, based on the principle of common and shared responsibility, supported by strong cooperation at the international level, including through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned. The importance of addressing the challenges faced by farmers following the eradication of crops was also highlighted by a number of speakers.
  • Alternative development

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This is a summary of one of the five thematic roundtables held at the UNGASS in April 2016.