Resolution 58/9. Promoting the role of drug analysis laboratories worldwide and reaffirming the importance of the quality of the analysis and results of such laboratories

Reaffirming, in accordance with its resolution 54/3 of 25 March 2011, that access to reference samples of controlled substances is an essential quality assurance requirement for achieving the reliability of the analysis and results of drug analysis laboratories,
  • Access to controlled medicines

Emphasizing the importance of ensuring the quality and reliability of the results of drug analysis laboratories, and emphasizing especially that the quality and reliability of such results are a matter of protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms and ensuring public safety and effective law enforcement,
  • Human rights

2. Requests Member States, in accordance with Commission resolution 54/3, to further review and enhance national procedures, as appropriate, to ease access to reference and test samples of internationally controlled substances for scientific purposes;
  • Access to controlled medicines

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