Declaration of Guatemala: Reflections and guidelines to formulate and follow up on comprehensive policies to address the world drug problem in the Americas

3. To promote, where appropriate, and in accordance with domestic laws alternatives to incarceration taking into account, inter-alia, gender perspective, the severity of the crime, and the appropriate sentencing, with a the view to deterring crime, to achieve the rehabilitation and reintegration into society of incarcerated persons, in order to ensure the well-being of individuals and communities and reducing overcrowding in prisons with full respect for Human Rights and to strive to incorporate the relevant provisions of the United Nations Standards and Norms into their practices;
  • Alternatives to punishment
  • Proportionality of sentencing

9. To encourage all social actors and civil society as a whole, to continue contributing to the efforts made by member states and to provide their inputs to address the world drug problem.
  • Civil society engagement

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This declaration was adoted during the OAS General Assembly Special Session on the 2016 UNGASS. The text of this declaration is less strong than that previously agreed upon in Antigua a year earlier during the OAS General Assembly in June 2013, which stated:

"Reiterating further the importance of participation by civil society in addressing the world drug problem, including the design, execution, and evaluation of public policies, based on their experience and knowledge;".

  • Civil society engagement