Note by the Secretariat on the results attained by Member States in achieving the goals and targets set at the twentieth special session of the General Assembly, the limitations and problems encountered and the way forward: international cooperation on the eradication of illicit drug crops and on alternative development (UNODC/CND/2008/WG.3/2)

13. With respect to the importance of a balanced approach, some interventions continue to be improperly sequenced and to focus efforts and resources on eradication without due regard for livelihoods.
  • Alternative development

23. (b) Mainstream counter-narcotics and alternative development approaches into the broader development agenda. The development community, in particular the international financial institutions, must incorporate counter-narcotics approaches into their wider development agendas; and the counter-narcotics community must include development approaches in its plans and strategies; (…)

(e) Ensure that eradication is not undertaken until small-farmer households have adopted viable and sustainable livelihoods and that interventions are properly sequenced;

(f) Do not make development assistance conditional on reductions in illicit drug crop cultivation;

  • Alternative development

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