Beyond 2008 NGO Declaration

Mindful that approaches to address the drug problem should be evidence based, supported by scientific data, culturally and socially sensitive, have a focus on the mitigation of both short term and long term harms and should be carried out with full respect for human rights and all fundamental freedoms,
  • Human rights
1. Call upon Member States: a. to provide sufficient resources, attention and priority in the development, implementation and monitoring of the full range of drug demand, harm reduction, treatment and social re-integration programs, as well as sustainable and comprehensive alternative development projects,
  • Harm reduction
  • Alternative development
6. a. develop further long-term, sustainable, ecologically-sensitive, and fully inclusive alternative development programs in cooperation with civil society organizations including indigenous, peasant and farmer organizations and non-governmental organizations and to take into account traditional licit use, in line with Article 14 of the 1988 Convention,
  • Civil society engagement
  • Alternative development
b. ensure, before considering eradication measures, that peasants have access to viable and sustainable livelihoods so that interventions will be properly sequenced and coordinated.
  • Alternative development

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