Report of the Human Rights Committee Fiftieth Session (A/50/40)

449.  With  reference  to article  6  of  the  Covenant, the  Committee  is concerned that under Sri  Lankan law, the  death penalty may be imposed  for crimes  such  as  abetting  suicide,  drug-related  offences,  and   certain offences against property. Some  of these offences do  not appear to  be the most serious offences under article 6 of the Covenant.
  • Death penalty

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The Human Rights Committee oversees implementation of the ICCPR.

It has consistently found that drug offences do not meet the test of ‘most serious crimes’ for the purposes of article 6.2 of the Covenant. This is shown by Concluding Observations spanning 20 years.

Those included in the e-Book of Authorities are not exhaustive.